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Can I add a co-borrower to my application?
Can I add a co-borrower to my application?
Learn how to add a co-borrower online
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You can add a co-borrower to your loan application if you are lacking sufficient experience or your credit is too low, or if there are multiple members in your entity. Here are the steps needed to add a co-borrower or multiple co-borrowers:

  1. Log in to HQ (skip this if you are already here)

  2. Under Applications, find the application you are working on, and open it

  3. Click the Add Co-Borrower button

  4. Fill out the relevant information about your co-borrower. If you don't have some of the information, fill in a placeholder, they will be able to correct it

  5. Your co-borrower will receive an email invitation to complete the application. They are able to edit any of the info you filled in earlier

  6. Once they accept the invitation, you will be notified, and they are added to the loan

  7. If you need to add more co-borrowers, repeat the steps above

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