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What types of property can you lend against?
What types of property can you lend against?

Describes the types of real estate collateral we can use when we fund a loan

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This article describes the types of real estate collateral we can use when funding a loan. Understanding the eligible property types will help you determine if your real estate meets our lending criteria.

Eligible Property Types

We accept the following types of real estate as collateral for loans:

  • Single-Family Residences (SFR): Includes properties with 1-4 units.

  • Condominiums: Individual units within a larger building or complex.

  • Townhouses: Multi-floor homes sharing one or two walls with adjacent properties.

It is crucial for these properties to be non-owner occupied. We do not provide loans against properties that are or will be occupied by their owner.

Ineligible Property Types

To maintain our service quality and compliance with regulatory standards, there are certain types of properties we do not lend against. These include:

  • Manufactured Homes: Homes that are prefabricated and moved to a site for assembly.

  • Modular Homes: Homes built in sections at a factory and then assembled on-site.

  • Prefabricated Homes: Similar to modular homes, constructed in parts and assembled on location.

  • Mobile Homes: Homes built on a chassis and designed to be moved.

  • Properties in Rural Areas: Homes located in less densely populated areas may not qualify for our lending services.

Additional Information

If your property type does not fall into the categories listed above, or if you have specific questions about property eligibility, please contact our support team for more detailed information.

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